The Journey

Faith is a journey. 

Starting Point -> New Members Class -> Know Love Serve -> Disciple and beyond

Starting Point - Is Starting Point for you?
                            If you are new to the church and wondering what is next.
                            If you are considering joining the church.  
If you are a long-time member and maybe looking for a new beginning.  
Or you have no idea where you are and where to start.
Come meet with Pastor Keith by scheduling an appointment with him.  
New Members Class - with Pastor Keith
Will be scheduled in the future.  Childcare and lunch provided.
Come learn more about the church, it's history and future. No need to decide to become a member before you come and no obligation either. 
Know - Love - Serve
Knowing God, Loving God, and Serving God are each 6 week gatherings. Stay Tuned for the next offering.

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