This class is open to all students in 6th grade and up who are ready to CONFIRM their faith in Jesus Christ.  Church membership is not required to take the class.  In the past,  we have had students in grades 6th through 11th in the class.  Even if your student is unsure about making a public proclamation of their faith, the class is still a great place to explore their faith.
WHAT IS CONFIRMATION:   Confirmation is the outward sign of a Christian’s faith.  This is the first time that Methodists make an adult proclamation of their faith.   We will be using the only approved Methodist curriculum for Confirmation, CONFIRM.  The curriculum is focused on Your Faith…Your Commitment…God’s Call.  The students will explore these topics and also learn about the Methodist denomination.  

February 25 - Introduction
March 3 - Lesson 2 - Living Together
March 10 - Lesson 3 - Loving Together
March 17 - Mentor Meeting
March 24 - Lesson 4 - History and Heritage
March 31 - Easter - No Class
April 7 - Lesson 5 - Experiencing God
April 14 - No Class
April 21 - Lesson 6 - The Bible
April 28 - Lesson 7 - Prayer - Talking and Listening to God
May 5 - Lesson 8 - A Faith to Confirm
May 12 - Mentor Meeting
May 17 - Friday Night Lock-in
May 19 - Pentecost Sunday - Confirmands Join Church